Outreach Community Base Services:

We will actively engaging our members in meaningful outreach projects throughout our communities. Our outreach endeavors are designed to make positive and lasting impact on the lives of those we serve. We believe the highest good is to serve, and as a member of Artist Incorporated, you will be able to cause a lasting impact in our world by being involved in our numerous world outreach missions.


Services will include:
Visiting the Elderly

Without the legacy of those who have come before us, we would not be where we are today. Visiting the elderly does more for us than it does for them as we gain wisdom and a greater appreciation for the lighter burdens we carry because of their sacrifices. We will devote time to visiting nursing homes and senior centers to be a source of inspiration to the elderly.

Counseling for Abused Men and Women

Counseling will be available for sexually, physically, emotionally and mentally abused men and women upon request through our toll free number or via email. We will offer Christian based one-to-one as well as group counseling to any individual who has experienced abuse of any kind. Periodically, we will also offer free seminars addressing these areas.

Visiting the Sick

We will visit the sick at their care facilities and encourage, empower and uplift the spirit and revive the body and bring peace to the mind by praying singing and reading scriptures with those who are receptive to the message we bring.

Feeding the Hungry & Homeless

This initiative will take a unique approach to feeding the Hungry and homeless through the provision of catered dinners served family style in an atmosphere that does not rob them of their dignity but provide for a sense of belonging to the “Royal Family” They will be treated to live Professional entertainment through spiritually uplifting concerts from members of Artist Incorporated. We will also provide access to social service resources to empower them with the right tools to change their circumstances.

Informational Seminars

Knowledge is power and providing access to seminars where people can get the information they need to make informed decisions that will empower them to change their situations is a top priority for us. We intend to provide access to seminars in the following, but not limited to these areas: Healthcare Services, Housing, Vocational training etc.