Member's Benefits

As an artist struggling to maintain our integrity and utilize our talents and gifts in the best possible way, we sometimes fall into dry seasons where meeting our basic human needs is not possible. During these times, Artist Incorporated will be there to provide assistance to our members. Some of the areas that we will be able to provide assistance to artists are listed on this page. …………………………….

As a member, here are just some of the benefits you will have access to:
Professional Showcase

Artist will be able to show case their talents to members within the Artist Incorporated family. The Artist Incorporated family currently has over 10,000 members.

Development Classes

You will be able to attend instructional classes in your area of interest that are taught by some of the top professionals. Classes may include: Artist Development, vocal instructions, songwriting, dance and more.

Artist Development

Presentation is an important aspect of presenting your gift to others. We will provide financial assistance to members for portfolio essentials (pictures, resumes) for clothing and grooming essentials necessary for auditions or job interviews in the entertainment industry.

Social Media Awareness

Artist will be provided assistant with developing a presence on Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Public Relations / Media

Artist will be able to train on how to manage the media. Artist Incorporated will assist artist with visibility. The media and your audience will have information not only about your talent, but also about your involvement in the community.

Legal Services

You will have access to attorneys who can advise you on all matters pertaining to entertainment law.

Industry Showcases

The best showcases will be set up for solo vocalist and groups with invitations to top A&R’s, Producers and Music Executives. This will be in an effort to assist with recording deals. There will be requirement prior to being showcase to the industry.

Accountant Services

Every member will have access to qualified Certified Public Accountants who will provide in areas of financial planning, tax reporting and other financial areas appropriate for the individual artist.

Job Placement

Artist who have attained a certain level of proficiency and who exhibit a high degree of professionalism will qualify for job placement assistance at this level in the music industry.

Radio Access

Artist will have access to Internet and College Radio. Senior level artist will have opportunities to tap into main stream radio.