Member Activities:

According to biblical principals, singers were the third order in the Priesthood and considered a “Royal Servant”.  We were created to serve humanity.  You ought to be allowed to be treated royally because of your choice to be of service to others.  Being treated royally is not the sake of vanity, but rather the harvest that you reap because of your willingness to be a servant, assisting in the lives of helping others.     …………………………..

As a member of the royal family you have access to the following:
Professional Jam

Every member of the royal family will have the opportunity to participate in high-end jam sessions with professional musicians, singers and background singers. These jam sessions will be a chance for each member to come together and collaborate spontaneously and stretch their musical abilities. The sessions will be open to both signed and unsigned artist.

The jam sessions will also be a time to fellowship with each other over meals, music and developing creativity on a higher level.

Private Movie Screenings

From time to time members will be able to participate in private movie screenings held at selected theaters in NYC / LA.

Additionally there are times when regular screening tickets will be available. These benefits are for members only. The availability of the tickets will be posted on Social Media. In most cases tickets come with no prior notice.

Networking Resources

In addition to having access to over 50,000 members in various cities and states, there will be opportunities to network outside of the music industry.

Artist are created out of energy and passion. To support the various “causes”, networking opportunities will be available to support business or foundation endeavors.

There will be a time when these events will be for “invite only”.

Musical Concerts

All members will have the opportunity to collectively join together to sponsor musical concerts as a way to support Artist Incorporated’s external outreach programs.

Members must live in a house call “GRATITUDE”. It is a privilege to be part of this industry. We must never forget those we were created to make music for.

Musical Concerts are also used to create additional exposure.

Artist Incorporated Servitude

Artist Incorporated was started to give musicians and singers an outlet to do what is at the heart of most artists – service to humanity; but on a higher level to serve the community of “the lest of these”.


Artist will have the opportunity to participate in our many out-reach programs. Servants Incorporated, was created to give all people an opportunity to get involved and change lives by serving the community. We believe the highest good is to serve and as a member of Servants Incorporated, you will have the opportunity to cause a lasting impact in our world by participating in our numerous outreach missions.………………………………………………………


As an Artist INC Servant, you play and integral role in the artist and entertainment community. You will have an opportunity to use your skills and support to our members during special artist events and workshops.


Please visit the Outreach Services page for more information.